THE WORLD OF VAMPIRES ( 1961) Reviews and overview



The World of the Vampires – original title: El mundo de los vampiros – is a 1961 Mexican horror film directed by Alfonso Corona Blake (Samson vs. the Vampire Women).


Main cast:

Mauricio Garcés, Erna Martha Bauman, Silvia Fournier, Guillermo Murray, Jose Baviera.



A vampire, Count Sergio Subotai, seeks revenge against the descent from an enemy family. The hero is a musician played by Mauricio Garcés, who has a piano made from skulls and bones and knows a piece of music that kills vampires…



“Even with its quantity of cheese, World of the Vampires (1961) is a highly enjoyable production. It’s fitfully ridiculous at regular intervals and clearly the production was an ambitious one with its collage of ideas and spooky themes. It’s definitely worth checking out…” Cool Ass Cinema

“This rather poor picture works on the assumption that vampires are particularly sensitive to sound waves … unconventional motifs include the suggestion that the life of a vampire gradually turns people into hairy werewolf-like beings, courtesy of Elda Loza’s makeup, indicating that in this fantasy both vampirism and lycanthropy are seen as the uninhibited acting-out of forbidden desires…” The Aurum Film Encyclopedia: Horror

“… worthwhile in that it contains every cliché in horror movie history. There’s a castle, rubber bats, torture dungeons, pits, skeletal corpses, cobwebs, fog and much more.” George R. Reis, DVD Drive-In



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