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Witchboard 2: The Devil’s Doorway is a 1993 American horror film written and directed by Kevin S. Tenney. It stars Ami Dolenz (Children of the Night, Infested/Ticks), Christopher Michael Moore, Laraine Newman, John Gatins, Timothy Gibbs and Marvin Kaplan.

The film is obviously the sequel to the 1986 film Witchboard.

Paige (Dolenz), a young artist moves into a new apartment. She starts receiving messages through a Ouija board, claiming to be from the former occupant of her apartment, Susan Sydney.

The former tenant claims she’s been murdered, but there’s no record of a murder or even her death. Paige sets out to solve the murder and as she gets closer to solving Susan’s death, the death toll rises. Paige soon fears she might be next…


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“Structurally, the film has a few problems, including a too quick possession for Paige and a silly (if expectedly) hyperbolic denouement, and Tenney’s decision to have the board’s “dialogue” spelled out by the various actors actually becomes comical after a while. But Witchboard 2 has probably just enough of a spook factor to further convince those who look awry at Ouija boards to continue avoiding them.” Jeffrey Kauffman, Blu-ray.com


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“This one is very much a product of its time, a sequel geared towards cashing in not at the box office but in the rental store. The cover art (re-used on this release, thankfully) is eye catching and appealing to horror fans but once you get to it there isn’t a whole lot of meat on these bones. Not that it’s a bore or a waste, it’s just unremarkable… but somehow watchable.” Ian Jane, DVD Talk

“Alright, so this film was much better than the first, but mostly due to better action, more focus on a moderately intriguing mystery, and because of Ms. Dolenz steaming up every scene.” Ryan’s Movie Reviews




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  1. i fouind this movie to be a whole lot better than the 1986 movie witchboard.the story was good the possession a little quick but good.i would recommend it to anyone who loves a good scare

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