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‘And you thought the ’80s were dead…’
Lost After Dark is a 2014 Canadian slasher horror film directed by Ian Kessner from a screenplay co-written with Bo Ransdell.

The movie stars Robert Patrick (AsylumFrom Dusk Till Dawn – TV series; Hellions), David Lipper (Bug Buster; Ghost Whisperer), Elise Gatien (R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour; Supernatural – TV series), Eve Harlow, Stephan James, Kendra Timmins, Sarah Fisher, Justin Kelly, Alexander Calvert, Jesse Camacho, Rick Rosenthal (director of Halloween II; Halloween: Resurrection) and Lanie MacAuley (Scarecrow).


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Plot synopsis:
Spring Ball, 1984: Adrienne, a straight-A student, joins her quarterback crush Sean and some friends in sneaking out of their high school dance for some unsupervised mayhem. The teens’ party plans hit a snag when they run out of gas on a deserted road. They head out on foot and discover a rundown farmhouse where they hope to find help.

Instead, they find themselves at the mercy of Junior Joad, a cannibal killer from an urban legend. After the brutal murder of one of their friends, the group’s quest for help becomes one of survival. Will anyone survive the night?

Lost After Dark’s retro approach reminds us as to why the 80’s flicks it embraces were a box office phenomenon, and while Kessner does happily (and surprisingly) subvert a cliché or two, he never does so in a ‘cutesy’ manner.” Best Horror Movies

” …by mimicking the films it loves so much it limits itself. Lost After Dark tries so hard to be those films that it can only be as good as those films. It risks nothing. If it had tried to make something a little more original it could be something greater than what inspired it. Instead, it can only be judged based on the merits of what it is trying to recreate.” UK Horror Scene


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“During a movie like this, viewers build up a long list of expectations and many of them will not pan out. Some of this is disappointing, other portions of the movie are surprising and clever. In the end, when we strip away the nostalgia, we are left with a rather run of the mill horror movie with a few clever twists and a sense of familiarity.” Horror News


“Where Lost After Dark is unpredictable is in how it wreaks havoc on audience expectations by getting creative with the way it whittles down its roster.  The teens are deliberately not killed in the order you think they should be, which might be a spoiler to mention, and that is how Kessner and company keep you on your toes in spite of following a specific formula.” Culture Crypt


“Writer/director Ian Kessner, with co-writer Bo Ransdell, got the tone exactly right. It is a loving homage that is all sincere, no snark. It does break the rules for some clever twists, but it’s never making fun of horror movies. It’s celebrating them in a way that shows we don’t have to give this style up. It can be just as fun as it used to be.” Crave


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