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‘School’s out forever’

Varsity Blood is a 2014 American slasher film directed by Jake Helgren and starring Lexi Giovagnoli, Debbie Rochon (Death House; She Wolf Rising; Dry Bones; et al) and Wesley Scott.

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A pack of small town jocks and cheerleaders with a dark secret head out to a remote farmhouse for a raucous Halloween pasture party, only to find themselves up for slaughter by someone dressed as their high school mascot, an Indian warrior wielding a lethal fighting ax and a bow and arrow…


Varsity Blood was filmed in the same high school where Varsity Blues was filmed, which also happens to be the alma mater of writer/director Jake Helgren, and the fictitious town of Hogeye where the film takes place is actually the name of an old town that once existed where the town of Elgin, Texas, now stands.


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“It may not be difficult to predict the turns that Varsity Blood makes, but therein lies its base appeal: It’s uncompromisingly a straight-up slasher film and pretends to be nothing else, and that’s what makes it a fun ride.” Vegan Voorhees

Varsity Blood has some good dialogue and some fun scenes, but overall it’s a lazy, unoriginal film. Save yourself the time and watch All Cheerleaders Die instead. Helgren obviously knows his stuff, but is it just enough to be an homage to ’80s slashers without bringing anything new to to the table? Of course not.” Dread Central


“Embarrassingly earnest, laughably unoriginal, and with not nearly enough tits, gore or, crucially, scares, Varsity Blood isn’t nearly as much fun as it thinks it is.” UK Horror Scene

“Whatever Varsity Blood thought it was doing to make a name for itself, if anything, didn’t manifest.  This isn’t bad acting and uninspired filmmaking winking with post-modern irony to be self-aware entertainment, a send-up of the subgenre, or a sly tribute to sins of slashers past.  It’s just bad acting and uninspired filmmaking.” Culture Crypt



“With uninteresting characters, no budget and mostly-obscured murders, Varsity Blood is a pretty mediocre slasher film. At least the killer wasn’t the really obvious suspect–but even then, the movie is still mind-numbingly boring.” Addicted to Horror Movies

Filming locations:

Austin, Bastrop, Elgin, McDade and Smithville, Texas

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