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Snake Island Python is a 2022 Chinese monster movie about a group of young holidaymakers terrorised by the massive titular creature.

Directed by Li Zhiwen (The Sniper Ridge; King of the New Beggars; Rabid Giant Crocodile).

The movie stars Liu Wei, Liu Xuefan, Zhan Zitong, Li Muzi, Cen Ming, Li Zize, Wang Yang, Li Changyi, Xie Wenxuan and Liu Bin.



“This one possesses only two speeds: dull and tedious, or batsh*t crazy. Unfortunately, the balance tilts a bit too much towards the former. Has its moments, but at less than 70 minutes in length, probably not quite enough of them. It’s mostly about a bland, uninteresting, mixed-gender group of college students…” Rating: C Film Blitz


“It all comes down to undeveloped and mostly unlikeable characters trying to fight off some equally bad CGI creatures […] you might give it a shot if you’re in desperate need of some giant monster mayhem. But there are other, and much better alternatives.” Voices from the Balcony

Release date:

Snake Island Python has been free to watch online via Youku Video’s YouTube channel since February 24th 2022.

Original title:

蛇岛狂蟒 aka Shé dǎo kuáng mǎng “Snake Island Anaconda” (!)

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Full film free to watch online:

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