Cub – Belgium, 2014


‘Be prepared’

Cub – in Flemish: Welp – is a 2014 Belgian horror feature film directed by Jonas Govaert and starring Maurice Luijten and Stef Aerts.

cub 6

Over-imaginative twelve year-old Sam heads off to the woods to summer scout camp with his pack convinced he will encounter a monster… and he does.



“Cub is a rock solid piece of genre entertainment presented bluntly and without irony in a singularly focused 85-minute sprint. It’s no masterpiece, but Govaerts delivers a brand of B-movie entertainment that often seems far easier to pull off than it actually is. Let’s hope it’s not long before he gets a chance to stretch with the next one.” Fangoria

“Who doesn’t want to see cub scouts chased around by a monster? But there’s a way to be subversive without becoming an asshole, and sufficed to say Cub shuns it.” Film Freak Central


“If the movie had been scouts versus werewolf-child, it may have been fun, but it would be in direct contradiction to what Govaerts has admirably accomplished with his thoughtful, unnerving, and melancholy picture.” Collider






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