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The Hollywood Reporter has run a story about filmmaker Chloe Okuno being “tapped to rewrite and direct Bodies, Bodies, Bodies for A24.”

Aside from this horror-thriller, the article also mentions the baffling news that Okuno is currently writing Orion Pictures’ remake of Audrey Rose. Read on for our coverage of this bloated 1977 movie and then ponder why Orion has chosen to remake it.


‘A haunting vision of reincarnation.’

Audrey Rose is a 1977 American psychological horror film directed by Robert Wise (Curse of the Cat PeopleThe Haunting, 1963) for United Artists. It was based on the novel of the same title by co-producer Frank De Felitta (The Entity). The movie stars Marsha Mason, Anthony Hopkins (Magic; The Silence of the Lambs) and Susan Swift.


Audrey Rose tells the story of an annoying little girl named Ivy (Susan Swift), who is the daughter of annoying Janice (Marsha Mason) and annoying Bill (John Beck). Everything seems to be perfectly normal until, one day, they notice that they’re being followed around by an annoying man named Elliott (Anthony Hopkins). Elliott explains that Ivy is the reincarnation of his daughter, Audrey Rose.

Whenever Elliott says, “Audrey Rose,” Ivy going into a trance and starts screaming. Elliott explains this is because Audrey died in a fiery car crash and was apparently reincarnated too soon after her death.  Therefore, anytime Elliott shows us, Ivy relives the crash and tries to burn herself.

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To me, it seems like there’s a simple solution to all of this. Elliott could just go away or, at the very least, stop saying, “Audrey Rose” every ten seconds. Anyway, at one point, Ivy starts screaming so Elliott rushes into the apartment and makes her stop. However, Elliott is accused of attempting to abduct Ivy, arrested, and put on trial.

Elliott’s defence is that he couldn’t abduct his own daughter so, therefore, if Ivy is the reincarnation of Audrey Rose, then he’s innocent. Somehow, this leads to the trial becoming about proving reincarnation. Hindu holy men are called to the stand. Elliott smirks and tells his lawyer to call Janice to the stand because he’s figured out that Janice believes him. Meanwhile, Ivy finds herself drawn towards every fire that she sees…

Audrey Rose was directed by a legitimately great director, Robert Wise. Unfortunately, Wise takes the material way too seriously.  Just when you think the film is going to be an over the top possessed child flick, it suddenly turns into a turgid and serious debate about reincarnation. The movie is so busy trying to be realistic that it forgets to be fun.


There’s also a lot of yelling in Audrey Rose. In between Ivy screaming and Elliott continually calling his dead daughter’s name and Bill arguing with Janice and random characters screaming whenever Ivy gets to close to a fire, it’s easy to get a headache while watching this film.

Mason and Beck are pretty lousy in the roles of Janice and Bill.  Hopkins brings an occasionally neurotic edge to the role of Elliott. You never quite trust him, even though the movie wants you to. The best performances in the film come from the performers in the minor roles, character actors like Norman Lloyd, Robert Walden, and John Hillerman.  None of them is required to pretend like they’re taking their dialogue seriously and, as such, they’re a lot more fun to watch.

All in all, Audrey Rose is a fairly silly movie. For some reason (probably the presence of Hopkins), it does seem to show up on TCM fairly regularly but I wouldn’t recommend watching. If you want to see a good Robert Wise horror movie, check out The Haunting.

Lisa Marie Bowman, MOVIES & MANIA

[This review first appeared on and is reposted here with Lisa’s full permission].

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Other reviews:

Audrey Rose isn’t your typical horror film but it is a well-made and occasionally very creepy thriller that features some very impressive performances and a smart, thought-provoking script. It may very well be a product of its time, but for many of us that’s a positive and those who like their suspense accompanied by some interesting food for thought should appreciate what Wise and company accomplished with this unique picture.” Rock! Shock! Pop!

” … the tin lid on the film’s artistic failure is the ending. It’s hard to explain how horrible sentimental and manipulative this is without giving it away. It left me with a profound hatred of the film, much more virulent than I normally feel. The last five minutes are unforgivable, lachrymose bullshit and not worthy of the talents of the director and the actors. ” The Digital Fix

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“Elegantly directed and beautifully acted, Audrey Rose is a different kind of horror movie. Wise was a kind of directorial chameleon, able to adapt to any genre with ease … Here, he harkens back to his directorial debut, The Curse of the Cat People, using psychological horror to explore the psyche of a troubled young girl. Wise shies away from the more supernatural elements of the story, especially in the film’s gripping climax, keeping the film grounded even as it searches for answers to bigger questions to answers beyond our world.” Matthew Lucas, From the Front Row

“Throughout the action is either boring or silly. Blame De Felitta. he wrote the novel and the script and he co-produced the film.” Mike Mayo, The Horror Show Guide

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Cast and characters:

  • Marsha Mason as Janice Templeton
  • Anthony Hopkins as Elliot Hoover
  • John Beck as Bill Templeton
  • Susan Swift as Ivy Templeton
  • Norman Lloyd as Doctor Steven Lipscomb
  • John Hillerman as Prosecutor Scott Velie
  • Robert Walden as Brice Mack




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