BLOOD SALVAGE aka MAD JAKE (1990) Reviews and overview

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‘If Jake can’t fix it, it’s been dead too long.’

Blood Salvage aka Mad Jake is a 1990 American horror feature film directed by Tucker Johnston from a screenplay co-written with Ken S. Sanders (Southern Shockers).

The movie stars Danny Nelson, Lori Birdsong (Munchies), Christian Helser, Ralph Pruitt Vaughn (Cannibal Apocalypse), John Saxon (Cannibal Apocalypse; Tenebrae; A Nightmare on Elm Street), Laura Whyte (False Face) and Ray Walston (Galaxy of Terror; Popcorn; Addams Family Reunion).

Special makeup effects were provided by Bill Johnston.

A crazy, Bible-preaching, redneck farmer and his two dim-witted sons kidnap victims from the highway and perform sick medical experiments on them. They then proceed to sell their organs on the black market. Meanwhile, their pet alligator lurks nearby. Everything is going fine until they kidnap the handicapped April Evans and find out that she is harder to control than the others…



Blood Salvage doesn’t exactly turn the redneck killer shtick on its head, but it does offer a few unique tidbits. Jake Pruitt, the film’s central baddie, is somewhat of an evil mastermind. Okay, mastermind is a bit strong, but he ain’t stupid and he is quite congenial. Blood Salvage is a peculiar mix of nasty, cruel, bizarrely funny, and completely ridiculous.” Goregirl’s Dungeon

“This patent Texas Chainsaw Massacre rip-off is mostly sadistic, occasionally funny, and acted with down-home brio by a cast of nobodies (although boxer-coproducer Evander Holyfield has a cameo). The only original touch is Lori Birdsong’s portrayal of the ill- tempered young beauty in distress. As one of the killers says, ”She’s a mean little thing, ain’t she?'” Entertainment Weekly


Blood Salvage is a smart take on what’s considered a stupid subgenre. The film not only looks great, with plenty of attention to detail, but the acting is very good all around. And there are lots of funny lines and moments to balance the explicit creepiness…leading up to a satisfying ending (that holds some surprises).” Video Eyeball Magazine


“It’s got slobbering rednecks, it’s got car chases, it’s got maniac alligators, it’s got Elvis on life support, its got Ray Walston. Drive-In Academy Award nominations for Danny Nelson, better known as the Cates Pickle Man, as Jake the junkyard surgeon.” Joe Bob Briggs, Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In


“Danny Nelson plays a Hooperesque backwoods patriarch whose road salvage work conceals his real dabbling… trafficking in human organs salvaged from unwilling folks with car trouble… all presented with an unexpected degree of wit, pathos and polish.” Video Watchdog

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