Jennifer Help Us – USA, 2014 – overview and reviews

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‘Girls, they wanna have fun

Jennifer Help Us is a 2014 American horror film written and directed by Juan Ortiz and produced by Brian Burger. It stars Alaina Dawn Sharp, Rachel Brennan Leyh, Courtney Bandeko, Kelsi Simpson, Chris Azmeh and Jenny Gorsett.

Juan Ortiz shot the entire 70 minute retro-style movie on an iPhone 4s.



When a trio of mean girls hear rumours of a popular boy possibly being involved with a new student, they seek revenge by kidnapping and holding her captive in a house at the edge of town. The house, believed to be haunted by locals, has a rich history of violence and horror. That legend, about an abandoned little girl, the disappearance of the little girl’s brother, and suicide of her mother, collides in a demented storm of bloodshed and mayhem…

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“A montage of horror from the films of the golden age of the genre, the film takes inspiration but never imitates its idols. At every turn, Jennifer Help Us is every bit as chilling as it is entertaining feeling like an undiscovered gem rather than the modern retrospective it would be considered. Everything from the wardrobe to the pulsating soundtrack ripped straight from a Carpenter movie, feels authentic…” Martyn Wakefield, BloodGuts UK Horror

“Utilizing some unique artistic choices—most notably bizarre changes in frame-rate—it’s apparent that Ortiz is trying to bring something truly original to the table, and even though these techniques aren’t always effective, you have to admire filmmakers who take risks at this level.” Blair Hoyle, Cinema Slasher

“The killer has most of the great images throughout the film whether it’s a silhouette or the starkness of a bright light, the killer looks every bit as ominous as she is deadly and the some of the shots will stay with you. The other great feature of Jennifer Help Us is the score. A grindhouse and 70s horror inspired score that not only enhances the films creepier moments but fits in perfectly into what the film is trying to create or recreate.” Ryan Morrissey-Smith, Haddonfield Horror

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