GODZILLA RESURGENCE aka SHIN GODZILLA (2017) Reviews and overview



‘A god incarnate. A city doomed.’

Godzilla Resurgence – aka Shin Godzilla and Shin Gojira – is a 2017 Japanese re-imagining of Toho’s most successful monster. The film was written and directed by Anno Hideaki, director of the Evangelion anime series and subsequent films. Higuchi Shinji (who worked on the 1990s Gamera films and Attack on Titan) handled the special effects.



“Sadly, all the telling (or reading) rather than showing reduces the story’s overall impact, which is a shame; the final wipeout of Chiyoda-ku is impressive. That said, there’s an intangible quality to this Godzilla that Edwards (Emmerich doesn’t count) never quite captured, and which is always welcome. Shiro Sagisu’s retro score complements the tech specs: imperfect but perfectly so.” The Hollywood Reporter

“While the surfeit of bureaucratic affairs cuts against the narrative momentum, there is no denying the effectiveness of the action scenes. The special effects are generally convincing, too. A genuine mood of desperation and despair sets in, and for all the juvenile joy that may be stirred by the thought of ‘Godzilla destroys Japan (again)!,’ the reality is far graver.” Screen Anarchy

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