Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard – USA, 2014



Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard is a 2014 horror feature film directed by Harrison Smith (Camp Dread; Love Bites). It stars Mischa Barton, Dee WallaceBilly ZaneBrian Gallagher, Felissa Rose, Gabrielle Stone, Brian Anthony Wilson, Michael Kean, Joe Raffa, Kyle Patrick Brennan.

The town of Elwood is a small, rural collection of characters tended to by “Doc” a physician who looks out for the well being of the town and sees the community as his patient.

Seiler, a war veteran trains a group of twenty something’s in paintball skirmish strategy as a practice for real weapon and militia training. It is an eclectic team of young men and women with Brody seeing potential in trainee Ian Sommers.


The town is enclosed wide fencing that stretches miles around its perimeter. What lies beyond the fence is something awful, in the deep forests surrounding the town. Humans die but keep moving and shamble the landscape looking to spread their infection in a grisly, horrific way…


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