BLOOD VOYAGE (1976) Reviews and overview



Blood Voyage – also known as Nightmare Voyage – is a 1976 American murder mystery feature film directed by veteran actor Frank Mitchell from a screenplay by William Tate and Jim Patton.


Although Blood Voyage was his only directorial credit, veteran actor Frank Mitchell had a huge number of minor roles in films from 1920 onwards, mostly in westerns but also in genre titles The Boogie Man Will Get You (1942) and Ghost Catchers (1944).

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The movie stars Jonathan Goldsmith [as Jonathan Lippe], Laurie Rose, Midori, Mara Modair, John Hart, Gene Tyburn, Pete Kellett, Doug Hume, Fred Stromsoe, Jim Patton, Warren Farlow.

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Scary 1970s fashion and decor

A small group of people are sailing on yacht to Hawaii for a wedding. Among them is a murderer. With sexual intrigue and drug-fuelled tensions mounting, passengers and the crew turn on each other in a desperate attempt to identify the killer…

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“It’s of mild interest as a proto-slasher, complete with touches that would become standard in the coming years, such as a character saying “What you doing here?” to someone offscreen, before being offed by an unseen assailant. It’s topped off with a typically cynical 70s ending, which unfortunately falls kind of flat.” Justin Kerswell, Hysteria Lives!

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“It doesn’t really have a lot going for it and unless you enjoy boring films with an easy to figure out mystery and a killer that runs around giggling like the Joker (which gets annoying very, very fast) then this is one cruise you can skip.” Todd Martin,

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Despite being released in British cinemas in 1979, the 1988 UK Atlas Video version was savagely cut 4 mins 30 secs by the BBFC to remove footage of a heroin injection and to shorten a scene of a woman being strangled on a bed.

Blood Voyage (1976)