JURASSIC CITY (2015) Reviews and overview


jurassic city

‘Throwing L.A. back to the stone ages.’

Jurassic City is a 2015 American science fiction action horror feature film written and directed by Sean Cain (Utero; Dead by Dawn; Terror Birds; Silent Night, Zombie Night) and produced by Anthony Fankhauser.

The movie stars Ray Wise (Jeepers Creepers 2Infestation; Big Ass Spider!), Kevin Gage (AmusementFear City), Dana Melanie (Treehouse), Kayla Carlyle (Rosario to Vampire; From the Dark), Vernon Wells (The Dead Undead; Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs; Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde), Sofia Mattsson, Vanessa Johnston, Jack Forcinito, Kelcey Watson, Robert Lsardo.


When a top-secret laboratory is unexpectedly breached, thousands of rampaging raptors are unleashed on Los Angeles. A black-ops unit is mobilized to contain the creatures before they cause city-wide chaos. Simultaneously, a truckload of raptors is rerouted to a nearby prison. Upon their escape, these ferocious flesh-eaters are beyond containment…



” …most of the acting was meh, special effects painful, and just about everything on a script level abysmal. Any one of these things on their own probably wouldn’t even bother me too much, but it’s the combination of all of them together that made for this being a pretty hard-to-sit-through viewing.” Jeffrey Long, The B-Movie Shelf

“Director/writer Sean Cain […] goes for the serious and while I think that is the wise move, his CGI team really lets him down with below average work which really hurts this movie. If he had used a better company and maybe tightened up the ending, this would have raised this movie beyond a SyFy movie.” Patrick Michael, The Inner Circle

“Fans of more extreme cinema might find this too tame for their liking. And be forewarned that the film was originally called Jurassic Block. 95% of the action takes place within the prison or the secret military headquarters […] As it is, Jurassic City is a flawed but enjoyable bit of B-movie schlock…” Sean Caszatt, Movie Assault

“Sean Cain does a good job in the director’s chair and I enjoyed Mario Salvucci’s score, which at times recalls John Carpenter’s The Thing. The cast does a fine job with the material and the interplay between characters is quite good.” Scott w. Davis, Moviocrity



Working titles:

Previously named Jurassic Lockdown and Jurassic Block

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