SLEEPAWAY CAMP 2: UNHAPPY CAMPERS (1988) Reviews of comedic slasher sequel [updated]

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‘Angela… “The Angel of Death”‘
Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers is a 1988 American comedy horror feature film and a sequel to the movie Sleepaway Camp, directed by Michael A. Simpson from a screenplay written by Fritz Gordon. Also known as Nightmare Vacation II

The movie stars Pamela Springsteen, Renée Estevez, Tony Higgins, Valerie Hartman, Brian Patrick Clarke, Walter Gotell, Susan Marie Snyder, Terry Hobbs, Kendall Bean, Julie Murphy, Carol Chambers, Amy Fields, Benji Wilhoite, Walter Franks III, Justin Nowell, Heather Binion, Jason Ehrlich, Carol Martin Vines, Tricia Grant and Jill Jane Clements.

T.C., the head counsellor at Camp Rolling Hills, is at a campfire with the male campers. Also, there is Phoebe, who has sneaked away from her cabin to be with the boys. As Phoebe tells the story about the killings of the previous film at Camp Arawak, her head counsellor Angela appears and forces her to go back to the cabin. After the pair get into an argument, Phoebe becomes lost, only to be attacked by Angela who hits her over the head with a log before cutting her tongue out.

The next day, the campers question Angela on the whereabouts of Phoebe, however, she tells them she had to be sent home due to bad behaviour…


‘Chock full of black humor and gruesomely twisted deaths, this film has twins getting barbequed and a girl being drowned in an overflowing leech-filled outhouse amid Angela’s wacky and off-the-wall murder quips. Homage is paid to past slasher movies and crappy 80s hair metal in Sleepaway Camp 2, the definite wildcard of the Sleepaway Camp series.’ Best Horror Movies


“It doesn’t have much in the way of cultural value, but that’s kind of the point. It’s supposed to be lowbrow. It’s supposed to lack substance. It’s supposed to be an excuse to check out a bunch of people who wanted to make a buck by making us smile, laugh, and groan for ninety minutes. Like I said, it’s trash. Glorious trash.” Daily Dead

” …a fun and campy comedy slasher with cool death sequences, a fantastic 80s soundtrack, a hilariously good Pamela Springsteen, fun characters and some witty dark humor. Not a movie I would consider ‘great’ by any means as some is left to be desired, like the non-effective ending but it does offer exactly what it promises and then some…” Slasher Studios

“At its core Sleepaway Camp 2 is still just a daft ’80s slasher with a short running time (a whisker under 80 minutes), a variety of deaths and plenty of horny teen-pleasing nudity.” That Was a Bit Mental




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