FRIDAY THE 13TH: HALLOWEEN NIGHT (1994) Reviews of fan-made short



Friday the 13th: Halloween Night is a 1994 American shot-on-video short film written and directed by Chris Seaver (Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker!, Filthy McNasty and its sequels, Terror at Blood Fart Lake, Hi-8 and SexSquatch).


A group of male teens is having a Halloween party. Unfortunately, serial killers Jason Voorhees (from Friday the 13th) and Michael Myers (from Halloween) turn up and murder most of the guests. The party host has to find a way to fight back…



‘Friday the 13th: Halloween Night is awesome. This is what fan films should be. Just some buddies having a good time. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, this sort of fan-filmmaking is dead and has been replaced with slicker, more well thought out films that act as showreels for an effects crew. That’s okay I guess, but I’d much rather watch Chris Seaver and his friends fumbling around in front of a camera and throwing blood over their parents’ bathroom walls.’ Mondo Exploito


‘The killings in Friday the 13th: Halloween Night are gory. Cut throats, rake swipes and knives through heads abound. The characters are pretty indistinguishable. In fact, the guys playing the characters are pretty indistinguishable too. Some have glasses, some don’t. That’s one way to tell them apart. The guy who plays Jason does a good job. Michael looks exactly like someone’s friend dressed up as Michael Myers.’ Bleeding Skull!

‘ …an interesting (and confusingly titled) little obscurity that needs to be seen by slasher fanatics who can forgive shoestring budgeting. Whilst technically it’s at the level that you’d expect for $200 (the POV through eye-hole shots are clearly just a mask placed on top of the camcorder) there’s enough cheesy fun to be had by forgiving fans.’ A Slash Above…


‘ …packed with over the top acting and some fun backyard gore effects.’ Rotten Ink



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