Massacre in Dinosaur Valley – Italy | Brazil, 1985 – overview and reviews

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Massacre in Dinosaur Valley – aka Stranded in Dinosaur ValleyNudo e Selvaggio [“Naked and Savage”], Amazonas and Cannibal Ferox II – is a 1985 Italian/Brazilian adventure horror feature film directed by Michele Massimo Tarantini. The movie stars Michael Sopkiw (2019: After The Fall of New York), Suzane Carvalho and Milton Rodríguez.


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A group sets out to excavate dinosaur fossils in the Brazilian Amazon, but they get much more than they bargained for.


En route, the plane crashes and the group, which includes a psychopath and quite a few voluptuous ladies, is forced to fend for itself as it searches for a path back to civilisation. The team comes across a motley crew of cannibals, wild beasts and slave traders…

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The alternate title Cannibal Ferox II was created by English distribution company VIPCO (Video Instant Picture Company). They associated the movie with the more notorious Cannibal Ferox in order to sell more copies.

1985 - Cannibal Ferox 2 (VHS)

Most of the native cannibals in the movie were played by Brazilian military men on shore leave.

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“I’ll be the first to admit that I’m pretty lenient in my judgment of films like Massacre in Dinosaur Valley; if a movie is ballsy enough to wear its intentions right on its sleeve, which in the case of this movie is sex and violence in a jungle setting, I’m willing to overlook a few structural imperfections.” 2,500 Movies Challenge

“I love the idea of being exposed to these cheesy, Ital-sploitation, efforts with, appealing, one-dimensional characters bound together fighting for their lives. Perfect! I doubt anyone keen on Massacre in Dinosaur Valley is expecting a masterpiece – it’s grassroots expression is actually part of the film’s charismatic appeal.” DVD Beaver


” … a little lightweight as far as cannibal movies go but as far as sleazy Indiana Jones rip offs go, this one is a bonafide winner in my book. This movie is wonderfully stupid …

” … Massacre in Dinosaur Valley is quite tame in comparison to its brethren. There’s a lot of nudity but only some of it is tasteless … The violence is uncharacteristically missing from this Italian nasty, and many viewers will wonder why Massacre in Dinosaur Valley was worth plodding through.” HNN


Massacre in Dinosaur Valley is exploitation trash to be sure – the sort of movie in which the flight from the cannibals is interrupted so the party’s leader can leer at boobies –  but there’s something almost lighthearted about it that makes the movie far more enjoyable than similar films…” Horror View

Cannibal Ferox II shouldn’t be mistaken for a true cannibal film. Yes it has got them in and yes they do get to eat the heart of one of the survivors. But this film is about sleaze and cheese and it serves both up in copious amounts. Low grade exploitation films don’t come much more entertaining than this.” Popcorn Pictures

“If you are looking for a serious jungle downer like Cannibal Holocaust or one of its imitators, you will be let down but if you are looking for an entertaining sleazy fun where there is always something happening, this may be for you. I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed this one…” The Video Graveyard


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Cast and characters:

  • Michael Sopkiw … Kevin Hall
  • Suzane Carvalho … Eva Ibañez (as Susane Carvall)
  • Milton Rodríguez … Captain John Heinz (as Milton Morris)
  • Marta Anderson … Betty Heinz
  • Joffre Soares … Josè (as Joffrey Soares)
  • Gloria Cristal … Myara
  • Susan Hahn … Belinda (as Susie Hahn)
  • Maria Reis … Monica (as Mary Reis)
  • Andy Silas … China
  • Leonidas Bayer … Prof. Pedro Ibañez (as Leonid Bayer)
  • Carlos Imperial … China
  • Samuka … Native Chief (as Samuca)
  • Ney Pen … Native
  • Adalberto Silva … Hotel Desk Clerk (as Albert Silva)
  • Jonas Dalbecchi … Carlito

Technical details:

  • 88 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: 1.85: 1
  • Audio: Mono

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