Zombies from Outer Space – Germany, 2012



‘They Do NOT Come In Peace!’

Zombies from Outer Space is a 2012 German sci-fi comedy horror film directed by Martin Faltermeier and starring Judith Gorgass, Siegfried Foster and Florian Kiml.

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Plot teaser:

Rural Bavaria. The late 1950’s. Something very strange is taking place. When Maria (Judith Gorgrass) happens upon the dead body of a woman, little does she realize the terror that will unleashed. Noted scientist Doctor Robert Hoelzlein (Florian Kiml) and American Army Captain John Welles (Siegfried Foster), both brought in to investigate the crime, soon butt heads over the case and their mutual attraction to Maria. Romance takes a back seat when more bodies are discovered. Who or what has caused these mysterious deaths?


The following bands appear on the soundtrack; Biermösl Blosn, The Meteors, Cherry Casino and the Gamblers, The Bricats, and Mars Attacks.

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“The story works (quite) well and it delivers entertainment in good doses, even if I wished for more graphic gore and less talk. It’s already a bit too long, so I – if I was a producer – would have demanded some cuts, maybe to get it down to 85 minutes. Then it would have been perfect, cheesy entertainment. Now it’s a ambitious, good, crazy and very well-made oddity that deserves a bigger audience!” Fred Anderson


“If you have a soft spot for the classic horror films of the 50’s and 60’s this could well work for you. Slightly more splatter would however have been welcome. All in all, not a knockout but  still a remarkable debut film “Made ​​in Germany”. Watch the Shit


“Pure entertainment value is high, especially in light of the available funds and resources.” Scary Movies

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