Fiendish Feet – dairy desserts



Fiendish Feet was a British brand of low fat dairy yogurts aimed at children, produced by St. Ivel from November 1989 until 1997. Initially, the yogurt pots had printed faces on the front and were moulded with feet on the bottom.

The initial line of yogurts were sold in multipacks of four flavours: Spooky Wooky (banana flavour), Fangs a Lot (strawberry flavour), Frank ‘n’ Stein (raspberry flavour), and Rattle ‘n’ Roll (chocolate flavour).

More dairy dessert varieties were then introduced: Pharoah Nuff (their spelling error – chocolate, and later replaced by Slurpy Bertie), Dooya Finkisaurus (toffee apple), Howling Wilf (banana), Horrible Herman (strawberry).


Monster Mousse followed in July 1990: Tongue Twister (strawberry), Pharoah Nuff (again – toffee), Snortilla the Grunt (blackcurrant), Melting Melvin (orange), with Tremblers (yogurt jelly with sauce) coming just under a year later: Trembling Trev (strawberry), Flossie Flame (banana and toffee), Moaning Mummy (orange) and Mesma Eyes (redcurrant and raspberry).

Fiendish Feet Fromage Frais arrived in September 1991: Tiddly Wink (raspberry), Masked Menace (apricot) and Sneaky Beaky (strawberry). Freezable strawberry mousses named Snow Joke, Freddy Frostbite, Dip Dastardly and Eski Moan came to haunt British consumers in April 1992.


In a move away from Feet and in a move to healthier dessert options, real fruit yogurts named Fiendish Faces arrived in August 1992. These used the names of the original low fat yogurts.

A couple of limited edition pots were produced with typically cringe-worthy names: Ivor Cold Toe and Hot Cross Bunny. Worse still, a cheese spread named Cheesey Wheesey was also marketed.


Collectible Fiendish spin-off items included mugs, fridge magnets, badges, a bum bag, bicycle wheel clips, stickers, and even a mini computer game!


1989 advert:

Many thanks to the Fiendish Feet tribute page for some info and images

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