The Devil’s Dolls aka Worry Dolls – USA, 2015


‘Worry to death’

The Devil’s Dolls – also known as Worry Dolls – is a 2015 American horror feature film directed by Padraig Reynolds (Dark LightOpen 24 HoursRites of Spring) from a screenplay by Danny Kolker and Christopher Wiehl (Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series). The latter stars alongside Kym Jackson, Kennedy Brice, Brandon Johnson, Brea Grant, Yohance Mile, Samantha Smith and Tina Lifford.


In the aftermath of the hunt for a notorious serial killer, Henry Leonard Bale, a peaceful town erupts in a chain of random, brutal murders. Detective Matt Williams soon discovers these killings are linked to an ancient set of worry dolls that was gifted to Bale when he was a boy.

Now, with a curse unleashed upon the town and his young daughter’s life hanging in the balance, Detective Williams is pitted against the clock to find the dolls and break their curse in order to save her life…


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Worry Dolls is delightfully bloody and often ultraviolent. There’s no downtime to contemplate here, as director Padraig Reynolds keeps the picture moving at an accelerated rate. That, much like the performances and graphic violence, score big with me” Matt Molgaard, Addicted to Horror Movies

Worry Dolls does run with an interesting premise but the delivery isn’t perfect. It has a good look, nice cinematography and plenty of gore but that isn’t enough to make it rate any higher than average. It’s just doesn’t stray far enough from the path to be memorable. I felt like I had seen these characters too many times before to really care about them.” Christopher Stewart, UK Horror Scene


“If there’s any issue with Worry Dolls, it’s that the plot is slight. However what the film lacks in that department it makes up for in balls to the wall action and horror. Plus the deft storytelling and pace of the edit means that there’s little time to catch your breath. And that pace keeps on getting tighter…” Phil Wheat, Nerdly


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