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‘Pray you never run out of gas…’
Open 24 Hours is a 2018 American horror film written and directed by Padraig Reynolds (Dark Light; The Devil’s DollsRites of Spring). The movie stars Vanessa Grasse, Emily Tennant, Brendan Fletcher and Cole Vigue.

Mary (Vanessa Grasse) knew her boyfriend James was the Rain Ripper serial killer. But she felt powerless to act until he forced her to watch another victim being slaughtered before her eyes — and then she set him on fire.

On parole from prison despite everyone thinking she was guilty by proxy, and on medication to control her paranoid hallucinations, Mary gets a graveyard shift job at the remote Deer gas station.

Then the killings begin. Is what’s happening real? Are they just blood-soaked delusions? Or does she really like to watch people murdered as her ex always intimated?…

Open 24 Hours sets itself apart from the usual DTV dreck by giving you an engaging cast, some gruesome practical kills, a fantastic location and a character that you can actually sympathize with. It’s a good one to kick back with, enjoy some beers and have some fun.” Daily Dead

“Reynold’s direction is fairly tight but the film would have benefitted from being around 10 minutes shorter. Some scenes felt a little too drawn out and the climax could have been trimmed ever so slightly. Overall though Open 24 Hours is an effective horror with plenty of blood, a few decent scares and a strong central performance from Grasse.” Entertainment Focus

“A great central performance is let down by an over-clogged and muddled plot full of holes and implausibilities. Open 24 Hours makes for so-so viewing should there be nothing else available, but otherwise isn’t really worth your time.” The Hollywood News

“Notably the characterisation of the villain is a little generic, particularly after a false start […] As per the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, and its goofy abattoir sequence, it shows sometimes less is more. Still, in giving good kills, characters you care about and a decent atmosphere, all the main parts are there. Perfect for a stormy night in.” Horror Cult Films

“It’s reasonably well cast, with Brendan Fletcher (a familiar genre face) and Emily Tennant (oddly shunted into the best friend role) working hard to make something of stooge parts – while Vigue is an acceptably lunatic killer.  Too much of the plotting is clumsy or half-formed…” The Kim Newman Web Site

“While there are a few well-staged setpieces and squirmy gore moments (courtesy of effects artists Josh and Sierra “Russel,” as they’re billed), Open 24 Hours ultimately doesn’t engage as the study of emotional survival it’s aiming for […] The annoying inconclusive ending cements the feeling that your 24 Hours–or 103 minutes–would be best spent elsewhere.” Rue Morgue

” …Open 24 Hours is definitely worth seeing if you enjoy gory suspense and action. This is a director who knows exactly what makes the horror genre tick.” Screen Anarchy

“Horror movies confined to a single location are a staple. It always works because the location becomes simultaneously your prison, your safe haven and your arsenal of tools for survival. Open 24 Hours adds even more layers to the single location horror movie and it’s awesome.” We Live Entertainment

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