ROBOSHARK (2015) Reviews and overview



Roboshark is a 2015 Bulgarian-Canadian science-fiction horror film directed by Jeffery Scott Lando [as Jefferey Lando] (Insecticidal; Goblin; Boogeyman; Ghostquake; Decoys 2: Alien Seduction) from a screenplay co-written with Phillip J. Roth [as Phillip Roth] (Python; Deep Shock; Dark Waters). The movie stars Alexis Peterman, Matt Rippy and Nigel Barber.


A great white shark swallows a UFO aircraft in the Pacific and turns into a robo/shark hybrid. The monster then terrorises Seattle…



“The film makes much of its Seattle location and there is even a Bill Gates lookalike (Steve Sires) who sets out with the intention of reverse-engineering the shark only to get chomped. By far the most entertaining parts of the film are where the Roboshark goes on the internet, which is quite possibly either a dig at or an attempt to capitalise on the fact that the Sharknado phenomenon was spawned by Twitter.” Moria

” …the whole film is a lot of fun. Roboshark is a great example of everything that we love about SyFy films. It was a deliberately over-the-top film full of inside jokes and a really cool monster.” Through the Shattered Lens

“Although making ‘self-aware’ references to bad shark movies has become the new bad shark movie trope, there’s a streak of sly satire running through Roboshark which sets it apart from its many, many brethren. It gleefully skewers the online world of social media (Roboshark actually texts one of the characters at one point) and its reactions to anything while also taking potshots at Starbucks and Microsoft.” What the Craggus Saw


Roboshark made its debut on the Syfy channel on July 23, 2015.

Main cast:

  • Alexis Peterman
  • Matt Rippy
  • Nigel Barber
  • Vanessa Grasse – Astral; It Came from the Desert; Leatherface
  • Isaac Haig
  • Laura Dale
  • Vlado Mihailov
  • Derek Morse
  • Kicker Robinson
  • Lorenzo Estebanez
  • Kitodar Todorov
  • Hristo Balabanov

Choice dialogue:

Rick: “Mutant shark? Honey, wasn’t that on Syfy last week?”