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‘Eat. Prey. Kill.

Starve is a 2014 American horror film directed by Griff Furst (I Am Omega, Wolvesbayne, Mask Maker, Lake Placid III, Swamp Shark, Arachnoquake, Ghost Shark) from a screenplay written by Xander Wolf.

The movie stars Bobby Campo (The Final Destination; Atomic Shark), Mariah Bonner (Shadow PeopleAtomic Shark), Thomas Francis Murphy (Salem) and Cooper Huckabee (Clawed: The Legend of Sasquatch; The Funhouse).


While researching an urban legend on feral children, three friends find themselves trapped in an abandoned high school, where they are confronted with an evil more sinister than the legend itself…

Starve was released on DVD in the UK by Point Blank on 11 June 2018.

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“Director Furst has staged the proceedings in reasonably coherent fashion, and production designer Matt Muschamp, dressing up an actual abandoned school, has created a vividly evocative house of horrors. But the overly familiar goings-on in Starve will only leave horror fans hungry for more substantial fare.” The Hollywood Reporter

“The sets and scenarios within Freedom High School make the most out of the lighting and are filled with tension. Furthermore, the main characters (Campo and Bonner) do a great job acting and creating believable on-screen chemistry. Unfortunately, it’s just not enough.” Horror Homeroom

“It had a cool dusty quality to it that fit with the theme of an abandoned school. The editing pieced it all together well, there were some cool angles and lots of action shots. Another really solid effort from Griff Furst.” Horror Society

Cast and characters:

Bobby Campo … Beck
Mariah Bonner … Candice
Bobby C. King … Runyan
Cooper Huckabee … Ezrin
Dave Davis … Jiminey
Thomas Francis Murphy … Michael
Casey Dillard … Woman
Jessica Lemon Wilkinson … Detective
Catherine Cappiello … Agnes
Johnny McPhail … Stu
Leigh Hennessy … Virago
Peter Lawson Jones … Norman
Renada Young … Nora
Tony Sanford … Donner
Elise Fyke … Female Runyan

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