MAYA (2015) Pakistani horror



Maya is a 2015 Pakistani supernatural horror film directed by Jawad Bashir and produced by Hina Jawad for Twister Films.

The film’s story was inspired from a paranormal event that allegedly occurred in Denmark. Maya was released nationwide in Pakistan on June 12, 2015.


Ahmed Abdul Rehman, Hina Jawad, Zain Afzal, Sheikh Mohammad Ahmed and Anam Malik.

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” … the film’s characters also seem inspired from Hollywood and American television. Maya resembles the famous Japanese Juon the Grudge and has eyes like that of Dean in Supernatural. The filmmakers have added a priest to curb the curse, instead of the usual Maulana sahab. … Maya can hardly be expected to haunt the audience.”

” … you will not be disappointed by this film. Although it is far from perfect and has its share of mistakes it is a first strong step in the right direction and surely deserves a watch.” Galaxy Lollywood


“The movie also has its share of thrills and chills, especially when it reaches its climax, and the background score (which is not unpleasant overall) is at a matching crescendo. Plus the director is definitely to be appreciated for directing the first full-length Pakistani horror film to hit the big screen in eons. But one can do that only if one can look past the hackneyed plot and the mediocre cinematography.” Maheen Nusrat,

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