Invisible Invaders – USA, 1959

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‘Mass invasion of the world!’

Invisible Invaders is a 1959 science fiction horror feature film produced by Robert E. Kent (The Curse of the Faceless Man; The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake) and directed by Edward L. Cahn (Invasion of the Saucer MenVoodoo Woman; It! The Terror from Beyond Space) from a screenplay by Samuel Newman (The Giant Claw). The movie stars John Agar, Jean Byron, Robert Hutton and John Carradine.


Paul Dunlap composed the score and would use much of the same music in three other science fiction movies: The Angry Red Planet (also 1959), The Three Stooges in Orbit in 1962 and Destination Inner Space in 1966.



Doctor Karol Noymann (John Carradine), an atomic scientist, is killed in a laboratory explosion. His colleague, Doctor Adam Penner, is disturbed by the accident and resigns his position and calls for changes.


At Doctor Noymann’s funeral, an invisible alien takes over his dead body. The alien, in Noymann’s body, visits Doctor Penner and tells him the earth must surrender or an alien force will invade and take over by inhabiting the dead and causing chaos. The government ignores the warning and Doctor Penner is labeled a crank by the media…


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“Though clearly a product of its own time and a low budget, Invisible Invaders is engaging and fast-paced, riddled with genuinely inspired twists alongside breathtaking implausibilities.” Peter Dendle, The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia


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“Despite the cheapness of the production, Invisible Invaders has a modestly effective atmosphere. The dubious science aside, there is an interesting plot … Edward L. Cahn creates reasonable tension – with a better director or even an improved budget, Invisible Invaders could have been a minor classic.” Moria


” … the zombies of Invisible Invaders are often genuinely creepy, especially the air-crash victim who hijacks the announcer’s booth at the hockey game. These creatures are so effective that they are actually able to counteract the goofiness brought to the film by the highly unlikely romance that develops between Major Jay and Phyllis Penner, the simplistic pacifist message-mongering that periodically creeps into the script, and the wildly excessive overuse of stock footage… ” 1000 Misspent Hours and Counting


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Cast and Characters:

  • John Agar as Major Bruce Jay – Tarantula; Hand of Death; Night Fright
  • Jean Byron as Phyllis Penner –The Magnetic Monster
  • Philip Tonge as Doctor Adam Penner – House of Wax
  • Robert Hutton as Doctor John Lamont – The Man Without a Body; The Colossus of New York; The Slime People
  • John Carradine as Doctor Karol Noymann
  • Hal Torey as The Farmer – War of the Colossal Beast; Earth vs. the Spider
  • Paul Langton as Lt. Gen. Stone – Tales of Tomorrow; The Incredible Shrinking Man; The Cosmic Man
  • Eden Hartford as WAAF Secretary
  • Don Kennedy as Pilot
  • Chuck Niles as Hockey Game Announcer


Choice Dialogue:

Doctor Karol Noymann (John Carradine): “The dead will kill the living and the people of Earth will cease to exist!”

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  1. Howdy Film Buffs, Okay, the plot is sorta thin, the acting is pretty decent, the budget would cover the cost of a kids birthday party, but it is still a fun movie. Well worth watching. Jean Byron looks much nicer as a brunette, as in the movie “The Magnetic Monster” and The Science Fiction Theatre episode “The Long Day”.

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