Vacations of Terror – Mexico, 1988 – overview and reviews

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Vacaciones de terror – English translation: “Vacations of Terror” – is a 1988 Mexican horror film directed by René Cardona III (who also appears as Al Coster) from a screenplay by Carlos Valdemar, based on a story Cardona co-wrote with producer Santiago Galindo. It stars Pedro Fernández, Julio Alemán, Gabriela Hassel, Nuria Bages and Carlos East.

René Cardona III is the son of veteran Mexican filmmakers René Cardona (Night of the Bloody Apes; Invasion of Death) and René Cardona Jr. (Night of a 1000 CatsGuyana: Crime of the CenturyBeaks: The Movie). Clearly, a taste for cinematic schlock runs in the family. Meanwhile, Vacaciones de terror presumably made muchos pesos because a sequel – Vacaciones de Terror 2: Cumpleaños Diabólico – was made in 1989.

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An evil witch gets burnt at the stake, but not before vowing to return and get her revenge.

A hundred years later, a family arrive to spend their vacation at a summer home located in the same immediate countryside area where the witch was killed.


Trouble ensues when little girl daughter Gaby finds an ugly doll that’s possessed by the lethal spirit of the malevolent witch…

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Reviews [click links to read more]:

” … doesn’t do much other than unleash a bag of hoary and outdated haunted house tricks onto the audience. The only thing they seem to have left out from your typical 1930s old dark house flick was eyes on a painting moving but they more than make up for that with a hundred odd close-up shots of the doll’s eyes shifting from left to right.” The Bloody Pit of Horror


Filming locations:

Mexico City; Valle de Bravo, Estado de México

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