I SURVIVED A ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST (2014) Reviews and overview

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I Survived a Zombie Holocaust

‘Shoot. Cut. Stay alive.’

I Survived a Zombie Holocaust is a 2014 New Zealand comedy horror feature film written and directed by Guy Pigden. It stars Harley Neville, Jocelyn Christian, Ben Baker and Reanin Johannink.


Wesley (Harley Neville) couldn’t be happier- he has managed to land a job as a runner for an upcoming horror film, Tonight They Come. He also feels that he’s met the girl of his dreams in the set caterer Susan (Jocelyn Christian), which makes things that much better.

The only problem is that the director seems keen on using Wesley as a whipping boy to vent his frustrations and to make matters worse, the film’s extras all seem to have become zombies intent on killing them all…

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“More or less immunising itself against charges of unoriginality by constantly offering reflexive commentary on its own movie-bound qualities (or lack thereof), Pigden’s film is an affectionate trawl through the mechanics of the modern zombie picture.” Grolsch Film Works

“One or two sequences work very well (such as the director convincing his first AD to literally sacrifice himself for the art) but it’s overlong at 100-odd minutes and it struggles to find jokes beyond the self-referential. It’s difficult to criticise a film this amiable too harshly, but it’s not particularly funny.” Sci-Fi Now

“Even though the film is infused with over-the-top ridiculousness and a script that pokes fun at the genre, I Survived a Zombie Holocaust still pays “respect” to those genre films that have come before it … The film starts with a fourth-wall breaking zombie “movie” and ends on a similar slant and in between is some of the wittiest and smuttiest humour I’ve seen in a horror movie in some time.” Nerdly

“It’s one of the funniest zombie comedies in recent memory (apart from the tremendous Stalled) and is a great example of how to get the genre right. A brilliant thrill ride that will make you laugh, make you hurl and can even make you cry – even if it’s just from laughing so much.” Flickering Myth


” … there are some great gory moments that give the film a much-needed kick out of the straight comedy zone. Just as the director says, “Finally, something with real substance!” as he records real zombies for his film, horror fans will be relieved that I Survived a Zombie Holocaust can deliver brilliantly bloody action to go with its witty writing.” Scream


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Cast and characters:

  • Harley Neville as Wesley Pennington
  • Jocelyn Christian as Susan Ford
  • Ben Baker as Tane Henare
  • Reanin Johannink as Jessica Valentine
  • Mike Edward as Adam Harrison
  • Andrew Laing as SMP
  • Simon Ward as Richard Driver
  • Mark Neilson as Randy Bateman
  • Patrick Davies as Greg Winston
  • Harry Love as Harold Beasley

Film Facts:

This film should not be confused with the BBC3 TV series of the same title.

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