She Wolf Rising – USA, 2016 – overview and reviews


‘Lights. Camera. Blood. Oh my.’

She Wolf Rising is a 2016 American werewolf-themed supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Marc Leland.

The movie stars Tiffany Shepis (Model Hunger; Axeman), Debbie Rochon (Varsity Blood; Clinger), Timothy Mandala, Ruby Larocca (ZombieChrist; Porkchop; Slaughter Daughter), Tina Krause (Shriek of the Lycanthrope; Psycho Sisters; Vampire Vixens), Nicola Fiore (Ms. Cannibal Holocaust; Sociopathia; Night of Something Strange) and Alan Rowe Kelly (Razor Days; Tales of Poe).



Gina Skylar, the world’s leading scream queen, wants to cross over into mainstream cinema and leave the horror genre behind her. Gina’s ticket out is her stellar performance in her latest slasher flick, Vampire Psychos Suck. The problem is that someone has stolen the footage.

Gina goes undercover and recruits her number one fan, Jake Bubar to help. Together they explore the dark and dangerous side of underground filmmaking. Gina and Jake’s beliefs are challenged as they discover myths, legends, bloody decadence and forbidden love…


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Contrived, cheap, messy and littered with irritating voice-overs (it’s easy to see why Roger Corman banned the latter), She Wolf Rising is mildly entertaining for about an hour, as it’s difficult to resist watching a film that is clearly made by fans who obviously love the genre and want to play with its conventions. Hence, quotes from horror movie classics abound – “We’re coming to get you Barbara!”, etc – and create a knowing smile.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 02.55.27

Unfortunately, by using deliberately dumb dialogue (in 2016, homophobia + misogyny = yawn), contrasted with references to ancient mythology (even subtitles!), writer/director Leland reveals a willingness to attempt to exploit both trash and pseudo-arty cinema that fails on both levels.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 02.58.07

As Shepis’ character comments about an hour in, “kinda got bored with it all.” Further on, a poorly-acted uber-self-referential post screening of the movie-within-a-movie finale is even more grating. “This is all bullshit”. Indeed, and it’s a shame as some elements of She Wolf Rising are worth seeing but not at feature length. A capsule story in an anthology movie would have been fine.

Adrian J Smith, MOVIES & MANIA

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 02.10.56

Other reviews:

” … there is plenty of blood, gore and disgusting special effects to please most hardcore fans. However, the storyline does deviate from time to time into unrelated segways, and backstory. The character of Jake does change a couple of times during the course of the film from hardcore horror fan to some kind of science nerd, and back again.” Robyn Andrew, Cryptic Rock


Choice dialogue:

“If she was vomiting and had explosive diarrhoea I still wouldn’t kick her out of bed. I would climb up into her ass and I would build a home and I would vacation there on the weekends”

Gina: “I love a man that has no command of the English language.”

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