VARANUS PRISCUS (2021) Preview of giant lizard monster movie with trailers


Varanus Priscus is a 2021 Chinese monster movie about a TV crew that comes across giant battling beasts on an uninhabited island.

Directed by Yifan Li, the movie stars Shi Nan, Yuan Fufu, Yang Jinci, Congxi Li, Jia Zichen, Wang Xinyao and Na Duo.


On a deserted remote island, a TV crew, led by ex-soldier Cao Yue, is filming a reality show about survival. Unfortunately, they encounter tidal waves of insects, battling hermit crabs, an ancient giant lizard and a mammoth snake. The latter engage in a battle to the death…

Technical details:

85 minutes

Original title:


Fun facts:

Varanus priscus aka Megalania is an extinct species of giant monitor lizard that inhabited Australia during the Pleistocene era.

Trailer 1 [1080p HD]:

Trailer 2 [1080p HD]:

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