Zombeak aka The Devil’s Cock – USA, 2006 – reviews



‘Evil most foul’

Zombeak – aka Zombeak! and The Devil’s Cock – is a 2006 American comedy horror film written and directed by Sam Drog.

Main cast:

Melissa K. Gilbert, Daryl Wilcher, Illya Allman, Barry Bishop, Sarah Frances Conkle, Stephanie Conkle, Adam Morris, Tarjatta Rose, Haley Ruth Sands, JimmyLee Smith, Nathan Standridge, Jason Von Stein, Doug Walker, Susan Waters


On the darkest night of the year, when Satan is allowed free reign to walk the earth, a motley crew of Satanists kidnap a sharp tongued southern waitress to be a given up as the Dark One’s bride and mortal host of the Antichrist.

However, when her rowdy redneck friends botch up the ritual in a violent rescue attempt, all power of Hell is inadvertently transferred into the most unlikely of hosts: a sacrificed chicken! Now, the Satanists and rednecks battle one another as an evil most fowl threatens to swallow their souls and transform them into a demonic army of the walking dead…


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“It’s definitely low budget; the special effects (a combination of traditional effects and some really low quality CGI) are bargain basement, the acting is substandard and the script goes from funny to abysmal and back again. Despite all those things, it’s still a decent enough film.” Den of Geek!


“It’s not exactly easy to make a story of devil poultry both believable and funny. The script is filled with great one-liners and decently funny jokes. If the director had tried to take this totally seriously or go too far off the deep-end with his humor, he’d have hurt the overall product. By finding a decent zany balance, he keeps the tone where it needs to be and the film watchable.” Best Horror Movies

Zombeak Melissa


“Watching the film’s titular creature peck maniacally at the faces of its adversaries never gets old, even when the performances and dodgy effects threaten to defecate wildly all over your cinematic merriment. However, the never-ending stream of one-liners, combined with the inherent goofiness of the premise, somehow manages to keep this slipshod production from completely falling apart.” Bloody Good Horror


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Filming locations:

Georgia, USA

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