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Terror 66 is a 2016 American horror anthology film written and directed by hardcore musician Bobby Blood (drummer for the bands First Blood and Merauder). Originally filmed during 2009/10, the project was revived and reshot for release this year.

The film will premiere on August 15th, 2016, at Cannery Casino’s Galaxy Movie Theater in Las Vegas, along with Blood’s short Hearse Hotel.



Motel 666: Cherie is a young student traveling across the country to finally be with her fiancé. When she has car trouble, she encounters the Clown Motel, which sits alone in the middle of the American desert along Route 66. What follows is a night of extreme horror as she attempts to escape with all of her vital organs intact. Stars Garvin Lee and Finnish actress Outi OuTou.

The Road to Hell: A small desert town harbours a dark secret in the form of a serial killer intent on discovering the most brutal and horrifying ways of murdering human beings. Due to an unspoken community truce, his voracious appetite for torture and death is relegated to outsiders traveling through town via Route 66. Stars Uriah Matamoros, Stephanie Marquis, Vanessa Giselle and Mike Blood.

The Grave of Bleu Chambers: Throughout the years, urban legend has it that the ghost of a small boy, killed by a speeding car decades earlier, is responsible for the sporadic disappearances of Route 66 travellers near an adjacent cemetery, in which the boy’s body is interred. Stars Nathalie Ben-Kely, Ayden Michael and Lorn Blood.



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  1. Seems to me that the community were as depraved as the killer himself…wtf, what does “…a community truce….” mean anyway?! Whatever….looks horrorific enuff to me.

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