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‘He’s been watching you’

You Are Not Alone is a 2014 American horror film directed by Derek Mungor from a screenplay co-written with Chris O’Brien. Shot in first-person perspective, the film is a ‘stalk and slash’ horror seen entirely from the point of view of the final girl.


Main cast:

Krista Dzialoszynski, David O’Brien, Mary Mikva, Keenan Camp, Nikki Pierce, Eric Wood, Katie Johnston-Smith, Tony Rossi, Jonathan Pitts.


Official synopsis:

An idyllic summer day turns into a living nightmare…

With school finally over, college graduate Natalie Wilner returns to her hometown to celebrate the 4th of July weekend. But beneath the flags and fireworks lurks a dark, malevolent figure. After a night of drunken parties, she stumbles home and drifts off to sleep, only to be woken moments later by a loud knock on the door.

Experience one night of terror, through Natalie’s eyes as she fights to escape a relentless, knife-wielding maniac…


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“Director Derek Mungor is to be admired for attempting a new approach to the slasher movie format by shooting You Are Not Alone in a first person perspective – not, we should emphasise, a found footage style – and to a point the film does succeed in bringing a fresh and unusual aesthetic to the table. If only we could say the same of its storytelling, we might have been onto a real winner here.” Brutal as Hell

You Are Not Alone is a movie that has me torn. On the one hand the idea of a first person slasher movie is a good one and it’s used (eventually) to great effect. On the other hand, director Derek Mungor takes an age to get to any interesting horror-based action! The film spends over half, almost 60 minutes, of its already short 92 minute runtime just following the protagonist Natalie around her home town before we get to anything remotely creepy and sinister.” Nerdly


“Half boring and annoying, half tense and visceral, You Are Not Alone functions much better as an experience than it does a piece of storytelling, making the most of its gimmick and ideas. It’s a gimmick that could get old fast if it caught on, but as the only one of its kind, You Are Not Alone is… well, it’s the only one of its kind.” HorrorTalk

“There is quality camera work on display here, and none of the head bobbing you might expect from a point of view shot film, also I love the abrupt choppy editing during the conversation scenes, rather than one long shoot different takes are spliced together that are charming to watch. This is quite a blood free affair, I guess in some ways a more realistic slasher, and there is no denying the sublime music but overall if not for that very same music this would just be plain average.” The Rotting Zombie


“It didn’t look or feel cheap at all, the actors were all pretty solid in their roles, and the people behind the camera definitely knew what they were about. It may take a while to get going (a long while), but once it does, it’s a pretty intense ride too, even if we do wish that intensity would have lasted a bit longer.” The Horror Club

“At its best, the film manages to build up tension to unbearable squirminess through the inescapable intensity of its POV. Each step of Natalie’s attempts at escape and self-defense is shown in excruciating detail, a focus on tiny things like locking doors and peering around corners in a way that couldn’t be captured in any other way … On the other hand, You Are Not Alone suffers from near-fatal pacing problems.” Ravenous Monster

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Release date:

You Are Not Alone is available in the US on VOD platforms – such as  VHX, Vimeo, and Amazon – on June 23, 2016, courtesy of B | Movie Studios.

Filming locations:

Princeton and Walnut, Illinois

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