Chang Chen Ghost Stories: Be Possessed by Ghosts (2015) overview

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Chang Chen Ghost Stories: Be Possessed by Ghosts – Original title: 张震讲故事之鬼迷心窍 – is a 2015 Chinese horror thriller film directed by Zhengchao Xu. It is an adaptation of the Olivia Story radio series that was popular in the 1990s. Not to be confused with the 2016 film of the same title directed by Zhan Yue.

The film was released on July 3rd 2015 and earned CN¥20.915 million at the Chinese box office.


Main cast:

Hans Zhang (The Three-Body Problem), Li Zhang, Hsin-Ai Lee, Haoran Zhang, Ryan Zhu, Wei Kong, Frank Fan.


Handsome Zhong Yu meets a beautiful girl named Zhang Li and is hooked. He tries to impress her but does not succeed. Still unable to suppress his inner desires, then he comes up with a dishonest way to be close to her. He enlists a ghost to scare her so that when dawn arrives, she will come to him in a to panic seeking solace…






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