RED EYE (2017) Reviews and overview



‘Where your passion bleeds through’

Red Eye is a 2017 American horror feature film directed by Tristan Clay (making his feature debut, he previously directed the shorts Sin; Desolate and Karma) from a screenplay co-written with Destinie Orndoff who also stars alongside Jessica Cameron and Heather Dorff.


Four friends set out to document a local legend in West Virginia. Will their passion cross the line? Or will it bleed through?

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“The dialogue apes the smugness of the 20-year-old Scream franchise (“Don’t you watch any horror films?”) and the plot pauses so that the film’s persecuted Goth stereotype can offer an embarrassingly awkward be-your-own-self speech. If you possess intelligence, prepare it to be insulted.” Horrorscreams Videovault

“All in all Red Eye is an exceptionally well put together film in all aspects. From the beautiful cinematography, the hardcore monolog, and the gut-wrenching kills; Red Eye is worth the watch and in the tradition of Rob Zombie; Clay and Orndoff will not disappoint.”

“There’s a lot of old school slasher goodness going on in Red Eye: A lot of blood and a lot of screaming and running through the woods. There’s also a few cringe worthy scenes that are almost unwatchable. No spoilers here, you’ll have to find out what those are on your own.” The Indie Horror Review

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