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Scathing is a 2016 American slasher horror film written, directed and edited by Joseph Mazzaferro (Share or Die; Dybbuk Box: The Story of Chris ChambersHalloween at Aunt Ethel’sAnne). The Mazz Appeal production stars Chris Shepardson, Paola Duque, Lisa Ayers Arcaro, Will Haze and Lori Katz.


Amanda (Allie Sparks) and Adam (Michael Frascino), a young couple, go to The Pines, a remote location, to make out. They wake the next morning to find that Adam’s car will not start. Stephen, his friend, arrives to assist but are soon butchered by a mask-wearing, hulking madman (John Kyle).

Meanwhile, Stephanie, Stephen’s close companion is brutally knocked out by the psychopath, then murdered and dismembered. The maniac proceeds to stalk the terrified couple for several days without food or water, proving it impossible for them to escape unscathed…



Scathing is one of these movies where you invariably think you’re ahead of the story and know what happens next … and then it manages to utterly surprise you […] it’s just a really good and really tense thriller brought to life not only by its great story but also a subtle directorial effort and very solid performances.” Search My Trash


“It’s a slasher that starts with a really dumb huge killer who can sharpen a variety of sharp weapons but not break the window of a car to get his prey […] Then there are some dumb cops that make incredibly dumb assumptions, and finally, there is us, the audience, whom the filmmakers think are the dumbest of all by adding a mind-numbingly dumb twist.” The Worldwide Celluloid Massacre 



The independent film was part-funded with a Kickstarter campaign and filmed with 4K cameras. It is now available for download on various VOD online platforms.


Main cast:

screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-10-55-44John Kyle – The Summoning; The Tenant; The Sacred
Allie Sparks
Michael Frascino – Neowolf
Chris Shepardson – Automaton Transfusion; Jeepers Creepers
Paola Duque
William Haze – Exhume; The Scissoring: Bloodlines; Jeepers Creepers
Lori Katz
Lisa Arcaro – A Haunting TV series
Herb Dorsey
George Petrick
Gail Mazzaferro
Joey Mazzaferro
Bob Glazier – Cannibal Claus
David E. McMahon

Filming locations:

Tampa, Florida

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