AAKHRI CHEEKH “Last Scream” (1991) Reviews and overview



Aakhri Cheekh – translation: “Last Scream” – is a 1991 Indian supernatural horror film written and directed by Kiran Ramsay (Shaitani Ilaaka; producer of Darwaza) with dialogue provided by Sajeev Kapoor (Dhund: The FogShaitani Ilaaka).

Having had a romantic relationship with them, an evil man kills several young women. Four former friends denounce him, and so he is arrested, pronounced guilty, and electrocuted. However, his soul returns and he starts taking revenge on them and their family one by one…

Main cast:

Vijayendra Ghatge, Javed Khan, Sri Pradha, Anil Dhawan, Poonam Das Gupta, Neelam Mehra, Sujit Kumar, Vijay Arora, Kamal Kapoor, Deepak Parasher, Kanwaljit Singh, Seema Vaz.


“The Ramsay films had a touch of original during the early 70s and 80s, but unfortunately they didn’t give out a single cult-hit in the 90s that could hold a candle to their amazing creations. This is a sleazy film with the swarm of B-graders or so called Bollywood backbenchers, which has nothing new to promise. If you’ve already seen Craven’s Shocker, better avoid this one.” Khayaal E. Yaar, IMDb

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