TOYFA (2017) Overview



‘The devil will come tonight. The angel must fight.’

Toyfa – aka Toyfa: Devil 2.0 – is an American supernatural horror film written, directed, produced and starring Stace Williamson [as D.S. Williamson]. It also stars R. Cameron Gordon, Dorothy Dalba, Cassandra Ebner and Sarah Conlisk.


The film is the story of one man’s journey through his Psychotic Break. What he sees and the world he creates reveals to us the complex and very terrifying reality he experiences.


Buried in his denial and running from authorities, Bobby Angel produces online videos proclaiming his innocence. The audience is exposed to his perspective as he battles himself, the demon of his nightmares, finds refuge in his delusion and ultimately is lost within it…


The film’s closing credits will feature graphic novel inspired artwork by Connor Dow.