MEXICAN WEREWOLF IN TEXAS (2005) Reviews and overview



‘Terror has JUST crossed the border!’

Mexican Werewolf in Texas is a 2005 American horror film written and directed by Scott Maginnis (Myopia). It stars Erika Fay, Gabriel Gutierrez and Martine Hughes.

The title is obviously a reference to the 1981 horror comedy film An American Werewolf in London, although it was originally Chupacabra.



In a dead-end town in the Texas desert where nothing ever happens – something finally does, a series of gruesome murders. While the townsfolk try to solve the mysteries, four local high school students uncover the truth – the killings are the work of chupacabra, the legendary Mexican Werewolf that sucks the blood of goats, but now has developed a taste for humans.

mwit02Working against the bumbling and misdirected actions of the adults, the four students devise a plan to capture the beast and claim a lucrative bounty that will finally allow them to escape the confines of their backwards hometown.

However, when one of the girl’s father utilises the hysteria to enact his own agenda, the students are faced with a complication for which they are not prepared. They are left to stand against the racism and hatred pervading their town and take on the terror that has just crossed the border…


“Writer/director Scott Maginnis deserves credit for trying to make a more character based monster movie. He attempts to make the characters colorful and the dialogue crisper than the usual spiel for movies of this type, but Mexican Werewolf in Texas can’t help from falling into the usual doldrums that plague this type of movie.” Jon Condit, Dread Central


“There might have been an interesting societal message in this tale of a beast terrorizing a border town and stirring up resentment between the white Texans and the Mexican immigrants. But there isn’t. Instead, all the white folks […] are idiot, bigoted redneck caricatures. In fact, most of the Mexicans are caricatures, too, but at least they’re not all stupid ones.” The Hitman, Horror Talk


“As low budget and amateurish as this is, it’s still strangely watchable. There’s just something inherently amusing about watching a guy in a rubber suit attack people. Of course nothing truly interesting happens in this movie but it kept me watching in the hope that the chupacabra would surprise me. He didn’t. You can let this goat sucker go.” Doctor Gore’s Movie Reviews

Choice dialogue:

“For once something cool happens in this town and the idiots try and kill it.”

Filming locations:

Lancaster, Los Angeles and Rosamond, California