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‘The doctor is in… but out of his mind!’

Disturbed is a 1990 American black comedy horror feature film directed by Charles Winkler from a screenplay co-written with Emerson Bixby (Last Dance; On a Dark and Stormy Night). It was produced by Patricia Foulkrod and Brad Hibbs Wyman (Snuff-Movie; Modern Vampires; Skinner; et al).

The film stars Malcolm McDowell (31; Mischief NightHalloween and sequel), Geoffrey Lewis (The Devil’s Rejects; Night of the Comet; Human Experiments)and Priscilla Pointer (C.H.U.D. II: Bud the Chud; A Nightmare on Elm Street 3; Carrie).


Doctor Derrick Russell (Malcolm McDowell) carnally assaults one of the patients in his care. When she throws herself from the institution roof shortly afterward, he describes her suicide as a consequence of her depression.


Ten years later, he plans to molest another patient, Sandy Ramirez (Pamela Gidley). What Russell does not know is that Sandy is the daughter of his previous victim, and that she is bent on revenge…


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“What was initially walking a fine line between absurd comedy and unintended hilarity, eventually revealed itself as an honest to goodness, intentional black comedy/horror film. I loved the way it progressed from seemingly straightforward to absolutely goofy, and not just in regards to the over-the-top performances…” Hollie Horror, Letterboxd.com


Disturbed is an overlooked but vivid and entertaining enough psycho- thriller feature from the early 90’s. The plot and setting are overly familiar, but the film nevertheless manages to keep you glued to the screen for an hour and a half. This is mostly thanks to a handful of truly atmospheric sequences and the more than adequate acting performances from the ensemble cast.” Coventry, IMDb.com

“It’s goofball because McDowell plays it as if he were in a screwball comedy while everyone else maintains straight faces […] achieves a dark macabre overtone.” John Stanley, Creature Features

Cast and characters:

  • Malcolm McDowell … Doctor Derrick Russell
  • Geoffrey Lewis … Michael Kahn
  • Priscilla Pointer … Nurse Francine
  • Pamela Gidley … Sandy Ramirez
  • Irwin Keyes … Pat Tuel
  • Clint Howard … Brian
  • Kim McGuire … Selina

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