ADALINE: THE CONJURED (2016) Reviews and overview

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‘Death has a face… yours’

Adaline: The Conjured – aka The Conjured – is a 2016 American supernscreen-shot-2017-02-17-at-11-48-24atural horror feature film written and directed by Bidisha Chowdhury, making his feature debut. It stars Jill Evyn, Lane Townsend and Jeremy Walker.


A young artist Daniela, inherits an old house from an aunt who she never thought existed. She moves into that house where she meets a handsome carpenter and a mentally challenged young neighbour. While staying in her house, she has a series of bizarre nightmares.

Daniela finds an old diary which tells the sad story of a girl called Adaline, who used to live in the same house during the early 1900s with her two sisters and drunk father. Daniela discovers that Adaline could see into the future and make premonitions including the death of her two sisters. She was cast out and branded a village witch by the locals.


However, Adaline’s work in this world is not finished as she reaches out through nightmares and leaves cryptic prophecies hidden in the attic…


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“The house itself is beautiful and we get to see lots of it, and the ending does jump up the pace a bit even if it did raise more questions than answers for me. But Adaline is too bland and unengaging for me to truly recommend. Not campy enough for a fun Friday night in, it’s just a bit dull.” UK Horror Scene


“Chowdhury obviously has potential, and with a writer to come up with some good ideas I think his eye for certain shots could lead to something decent in the future, and there are a couple of okay acting jobs in the film, mostly from its female lead […] It was boring too often, didn’t offer any scares or real tension, and failed to bring a strong haunting atmosphere which, based on the location, seemed very possible to do.” Nerdly


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“The film is not a total waste, it has enough fun scares here and there that keep you wanting to stick it out till the end. After all, that is what we want as horror fans these days. A film that keeps us interested till the end. This film needed someone to watch the final product and work with the positives and fix the negatives.” Wicked Channel


” …what holds this together, despite all the rips at the seams, is Jill Evyn. She has a striking on camera presence and an unforced acting manner. If only her performance was in service of a better film.” Brandon C. Sites


Main cast:

  • Jill Evyn (The Black Room; Death: A Love Story; Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan)
  • Lane Townsend (The Bride; Martian Land)
  • Jeremy Walker (Paranormal Whacktivity)
  • Emily Claeys
  • Pamela Finney
  • Sergio Alejandro
  • C.S. Boris
  • Anne Hallinan,
  • Hal Garrahan
  • Elise Scarlott
  • Dixon Phillips
  • Cole Panther
  • Warren Serkin
  • Camille Grenier
  • Mackenszie Drae
  • Bret Grantham
  • Cameron Mark Lewis
  • Cynthia Naylor Smyth

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