WITCHBOARD III: THE POSSESSION (1995) Reviews and overview



Witchboard: The Possession – aka Witchboard III: The Possession – is a 1995 Canadian/American supernatural horror film directed by Peter Svatek (Big Wolf on Campus; Bleeders aka Hemoglobin) from a screenplay written by Kevin Tenney (Witchboard and Witchboard 2). The movie stars David Nerman, Elizabeth Lambert and Cedric Smith.


Brian (David Nerman), an unemployed broker befriends his seemingly likeable landlord Francis (Cedric Smith) only to find out that the old man is, in reality, a demon.

After trapping Brian’s soul via an Ouija board, the demon assumes the poor guy’s identity and attempts to impregnate his attractive wife Julie (Elizabeth Lambert). However, with a sudden change in Brian’s personality, Julie begins to suspect something is wrong, and, when she finds the Ouija board, she manages to contact her husband.


Discovering the awful truth, Julie tracks down Francis’s ex-wife: the only person who can help her defeat the evil creature that is masquerading as her man…


“In the same way that the original Witchboard is deliciously ‘80s, Witchboard 3: The Possession is drowning in huge cell phones and endless stockbrokers who are doing “insider trading” in a way that’s almost patronizing to what the ‘90s were. The perspective becomes all the more humorous when you see how Brian, the film’s protagonist, has absolutely no business being a stockbroker.” Bloody Disgusting


“This is what low budget horror is meant to be: inventive, spooky, well made and with a nasty little sense of humor […] director Peter Svatek moves things along at a nice clip. Though he’s not above a few moments of Grand Guignol yuckiness, he doesn’t over-rely on special effects. Great stuff.” Mike Mayo, Videohound’sHorror Show


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“At least they were smart enough to have a practical demon for the climax, though he’s “aided” by so many CGI effects (the floating planchette in particular is horrendous) that it barely even matters, especially when it’s the finale to just a boring movie anyway.” Horror Movie a Day


“Good special effects of David Nerman morphing into a horned demon enhance this otherwise predictable, by-the-numbers supernatural thriller…” John Stanley, Creature Features


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Main cast:

  • David Nerman
  • Elizabeth Lambert – Brain Dead; Class of Nuke ‘Em High
  • Cedric Smith
  • Donna Sarrasin
  • Danette Mackay
  • Addison Bell
  • Richard Zeman
  • Renee Madeline Le Guerrier
  • Cas Anvar
  • Glenn Painter
  • Gwen Tolbart
  • John Sanford Moore

Filming locations:

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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