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‘Legends don’t die… They kill’

Dollface is a 2014 American horror feature film written, edited, produced and directed by Tommy Faircloth (A Nun’s Curse; Family Possessions; Generation Ax; Crinoline Head). The Horse Creek Productions movie stars Debbie Rochon (Death House; She Wolf Rising; Model Hunger; et al), Jason Vail, Christian James, John Kap (Slaw and Slaw 2; In the Woodsand Kirsten Ray (The Endless Whispers).


A group of college students researching Dorchester Stewart, better known as the infamous killer Crinoline Head, return to the scene of the horrific murders that happened in 1996…


In the UK, the film was released on DVD by New Horizon on 6 February 2017 as The Doll.


” …Dollface is well-photographed, reasonably well-acted, with relatively likable characters but falls short when it comes to the genre’s requisite gore (just as well as a crab-munched severed head is laughable) and is rather uneven in its application of humor…” DVD Beaver

“The scene in which Crinoline Head’s backstory is given is well done, intense, and was the first scene that drew me into the film. Plus, despite every other fault, the kills made the movie worthwhile. Dollface had some of the best kill scenes I’ve ever seen, and that boosts it up as far as I’m concerned. It successfully pulled off suspense a few times, too…” Horror Honeys

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“It’s been 20 plus years since a young Tommy Faircloth cranked out Crinoline Head. Since then, he has made a few other films and has gained more filmmaking experience. That is apparent here, as this film is more precisely staged and handled. In terms of technicals, shot selection and the like, everything is much more refined and more competent.” Terror Hook

” …a lazy film that exhibits not a hint of creativity. The killer isn’t memorable, the characters are disgusting human beings, the gore is nonexistent, the bid to introduce a red herring is embarrassing […] and the finale is about as anticlimactic as the wrap of The Matrix Revolutions.” Horrorfreak News

“Bravo to Mr. Faircloth for creating a thoroughly entertaining and extremely polished slasher sequel that features some great deaths, a fantastic little Carrie homage, and some likable (as well as “love to unlike”) characters in a tight 95 minute running time.” Slasher Studios

Main cast:

Debbie Rochon … Betsy
Christian James … David
Gunner Willis … James McDonald
Lizzie Mears … Janet (as Elizabeth Mears)
Jason Vail … Paul Donner
Patrick G. Keenan … Ms Keisha Grey
Kirsten Ray Johnson … Shelby (as Kirsten Ray)
Suzie Haines … Mary Stewart
John Kap … Dorchester Stewart / Crinoline Head
Leah Wiseman … Donna
Morgan Monnig … Nancy
Andrew Wicklum … Young Dorchester Stewart
Vance Griswold … Stevie
Nick Alexander … Scott Sawyer (as Nicholas A. Sweezer)
Shelby Washburn … Student in hall
Charles Starks … Ava Clear
JohnMichael Tabakian … Vega Vega
Andrew Cox … Gary
Hannah Burckhalter … Young girl
Elisa Walsh … Teacher in hall
Christopher Miller … Donald
Cameron Turner … Reggie
Mary Tabor … Debbie

Technical details:

94 minutes

Film Facts:

The film’s original title was Dorchester’s Revenge: The Return of Crinoline Head

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