Age of the Living Dead is a 2018 British six-part supernatural horror television series. It was produced by showrunners Simon Phillips and Paul Tanter (Once Upon a Time at Christmas), who also directs. The series stars Nicola Posenor, David Meadows and Estella Warren (Planet of the Apes).


Humans provide vampires on the opposite coast with a compulsory, weekly blood donation. Eventually, the humans manage to re-arm and plan a nuclear strike on the vampires as a final strategy to end the war…

U.S. sales and production house Voltage Pictures picked up international sales rights. The company launched the series at the Hong Kong FilMart and promoted it at MIP-TV in Cannes. Initially broadcast on Fox Action Movies, the series is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Main cast:

Nicola Posener – House Red; Nightmare Wedding; The Crypt; Axed
David Meadows
Estella Warren – Planet of the Apes
Brenda Schmid – The Sisterhood
Roy Allen III – I Spit on Your Grave: Deja Vu; Insidious: Chapter 3; Devils Eyes (short);
Don Baldaramos – Evil Things (TV series); My Haunted House (TV series); Zombies vs. Strippers
Norman Black
Massimo Dobrovic – Feel the Dead (TV series); Navy Seals vs. Zombies; NocturnaGnome AloneQuarantine L.A.
Julia Farino – My Haunted House (TV series)
Justin Gordon – Lost Souls; Gehenna: Where Death LivesFun Size Horror: Volume Two; Oculus; Absentia
Deji LaRay
Shiah Luna – Apocalypse Rising
Eve MauroCyborg X; Crepitus616: Paranormal IncidentSorority Party MassacreZombies vs. StrippersOsombie; Dexter (TV series); Penance; Wicked Lake
William McNamara
Everett Moss
Bill Oberst Jr.ZBurbs; DisScream at the Devil; et al
Cynthia Perez
Simon Phillips
Cindy Pickett
Michael Ray
Sean Sprawling
John F. Thomas
Peter Barrett
David Haydn