SIAM SQUARE (2017) Reviews and now with new in-depth YouTube review


Siam Square is a 2017 Thai horror film directed by Pairach Khumwan. The movie stars Morakot Liu, Eisaya Hosuwan and Nothasit Kotimanuswanich.


The so-called “Shibuya” of Thailand has been the focal point of Bangkok for half a century. The shopping centres, hip standalone shops, popular cafes, and restaurants are all there.

With increasing competition in the University entrance examination, a lot of cram schools have shot up all over the area, leading to more traffic and activities for teenagers. But when night falls, it becomes the place of an urban legend.

They say that to pass the National Entrance Exam, you have to worship an evil spirit. By tying red threads onto a specific chair, you increase your chances of passing the exam.

When a group of nonbelievers finds the “red threads chair” in one of the so-called cram schools, they decide to perform the rituals and try to find out what happened.

During the same time, there is a rumour that the evil spirit of a girl who disappeared mysteriously over thirty years ago has now come back and is walking the empty streets late at night. When one of their friends is haunted and dies after an incident, the teenagers try to find out what’s really going on…


“It had a really nice message behind it, and the only thing I think it’s guilty of is not ending when it could have. That being said, there’s some standard cattle-prod scare tactics (that got me a little!) and some laugh-out-loud moments with a group of naive ghost hunting lads, but the young cast did a great job of carrying it.” Adam G

” …when the finale comes and they have a showdown, the group remains as scattered as they were first introduced. Even with the crafted shots, creepy environment and ambitious-sounding vision from Khumwan, I have a funny feeling that the victim is none of the students, but the unfortunate viewer on this side of the screen.” Morgan Awyong


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