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Semum is a 2008 Turkish supernatural horror film written and directed by Hasan Karacadağ (Vampiria; D@bbe and its sequels; Magi). The movie stars Ayça Inci, Burak Hakki, and Cem Kurtoglu.


Twenty-seven-year-old Canan (Ayça İnci) and her husband Volkan (Burak Hakkı) have just moved into a large, new house. Life seems to continue on its routine track in the young couple’s new house until one day when Canan starts feeling that strange things are happening to her although she cannot understand what or why.

Canan gradually starts turning into an evil creature as a mysterious and malicious being takes control of her body and actions day after day. Semum, the most loyal servant of the devil, has taken control of Canan, leading her toward Hell…

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“Karacadag had a better budget to work with this time and the cinematography is a good bit better while also indulging Turkey’s traditional campy edge. Cinematography and design work is dead solid and I do believe I detect notes of both Death Note and Constantine in the demon and hell effects” Screen Anarchy

“Hasan has improved as a director from D@bbe. Some of the angles are just mind-blowing and I was overall really impressed with his work here. It looks spectacular – and not because of its higher budget. I also appreciated the fact that he took his time to build up the characters so that we would get a chance to root for them.” Slasherpool

“The main character reminds me Eddie of Iron Maiden, if not worst. At it’s best, it looks like Spawn (do you remember how bad it was?), but that’s it! I am sure the makers of this “movie” imagined that they could scare people, but come on! With this character? It is plain stupid. Secondly, this film is lumbered with a pretty awful cast.” Kroshe

Cast and characters:

  • Ayça İnci as Canan Karaca
  • Burak Hakkı as Volkan Karaca
  • Cem Kurtoğlu as Mikail Hoca
  • Sefa Zengin as Raci
  • Bahtiyar Engin as Macit
  • Nazlı Ceren Argon as Banu
  • Yıldırım Öcek as Emlakçı
  • Hakan Meriçliler as Profesör Oğuz
  • Levent Sülün as Ali
  • Süha Tok

Filming locations:

Istanbul, Turkey

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