SCARS OF A PREDATOR (2017) Overview


Scars of a Predator is a 2017 American horror feature film written and directed by actor Andy Troy (When the Devil Comes), making his feature debut. The movie stars Ed Heavey, Danielle Harper and Tina Krause.


William Arnold carnally assaulted and murdered four women. The law did not punish him. But sometimes there are worse things than prison…

Main cast:

  • Scott Kozel … William Arnold
  • Ed Heavey – Death House
  • Danielle Harper
  • Tina Krause – The FappeningPsycho Sisters; Vampire Vixens
  • Amelie McKendry
  • Genoveva Rossi
  • G. Paul Salvetti
  • Vinny Vella
  • Lori Spano
  • Kenneth Carrella
  • Jasmin St. Claire – Bite School; Swamp Zombies; Army of the Damned
  • Ken Kushner
  • Lauren Michele
  • Cecilia Black
  • Cara D’Adamo
  • Marko Caka