THE LITTLE VAMPIRE 3D (2017) Overview

The Little Vampire 3D – aka The Little Vampire – is a 2017 German animated feature film directed by Karsten Kiilerich and co-producer Richard Claus from a screenplay by the latter and Larry Wilson.

The movie is based on the characters from the bestselling novels by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg. Jim Carter and Alice Kruge reprise their roles of Rookery and Freda, respectively, from the 2000 film, The Little Vampire.

Rudolph is a thirteen-year-old vampire, whose clan is threatened by a notorious vampire hunter. He meets Tony, a mortal of the same age, who is fascinated by old castles, graveyards and – vampires…

The film features the voices of:

  • Jim Carter
  • Rasmus Hardiker
  • Alice Krige – Silent Hill; Haunted SummerGhost Story
  • Tim Pigott-Smith
  • Miriam Margolyes
  • Matthew Marsh
  • Joseph Kloska
  • Phoebe Givron-Taylor
  • Amy Saville
  • Diane Wilson
  • Graham Clarke
  • Julia Rhodes
  • Kevin Otto


“Both boys are meant to be spirited but are through-the-roof irksome, while none of the antics possesses a drop of urgency. The running time is deceptive: it felt more like 82 hours.” Charlotte O’Sullivan, London Evening Standard