THERE ARE MONSTERS (2013) Reviews and overview


‘When evil comes… it will be in human form’

There Are Monsters is a 2013 Canadian found footage horror feature film written and directed by Jay Dahl (Halloween Party) and is a feature version of his 2008 short film of the same name. The movie stars Matthew Amyotte, Jason Daley and Michael Ray Fox.


There are monsters… but we can’t see them coming. The world is being taken over – slowly, quietly and efficiently by creatures that look just like us!

There Are Monsters follows a crew of film students on an innocent road trip who discover evidence of these evil doppelgangers. The crew beings to realise something is very wrong and the world changes before their eyes – and their cameras…


The film was released in the UK on DVD and Amazon Instant VOD by The Works on 22 May 2017.

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“There Are Monsters is nothing but the cinematic equivalent of the duplicated creatures in the film: a difficult-to-watch, photocopied pastiche of elements cribbed from vastly superior sources.” David Pretty, Entertainment Tourette’s

“Though it’s pacing could easily have backfired to become a patience-testing drag, Dahl’s film thrives by peppering the narrative with a collection of undeniably chilling sequences, which prove to be the real high point of the movie.” Dave Wain, The Schlock Pit

Main cast:

  • Matthew Amyotte
  • Jason Daley – My Dead Girlfriend
  • Michael Ray Fox
  • Guy Germaine
  • Suzanne Hawkins
  • Kristin Langille
  • Kathryn McCormack
  • Loretta Yu – Hemlock GroveVampire Bats


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