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‘Some students just don’t make the grade’

After School Massacre is a 2014 American slasher horror film written and directed by Jared Masters (Slink). It stars Nikole Howell, Lindsay Lamb, Andrew Phillips, Courtney Rood, Danika Galindo, Yasmine Soofi and Savannah Matlow.

A high school teacher who goes on a killing spree after being fired, stalking his former female students at their slumber party…

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“Asides to the camera and a bizarre murder attack that turns into a slap fight add to the fun, and while there isn’t actual blood on display here (apart from one bit involving an electric carving knife), the spirit is definitely right with an abundance of creative kills and skimpy underwear.” Mondo Digital

” … there’s a certain light-footedness to this one mostly absent from today’s fare (as long as they’re not actual comedies or parodies), as well as an innocent sexiness that’s again lacking in more recent films – and these are the things that really make this movie: So it’s silly and formulaic alright, but it’s obvious everybody involved had fun…” Search My Trash

“This film in and of itself does no harm but as long as people continue to watch bad films like this there will be people who will make them and think they are wanted.” HNN


“The mostly all female cast does a great job and added a lot of spunk and sex appeal to the film. This film was cast perfectly and it showed. The story for this is your typical slasher but the follow through was extremely poor […] Sadly, they revealed the killer way too early with a very poor back story and a shitty mask to top off the sh*tcake.” Horror Society


Cast and characters:

  • Nikole Howell as Devon
  • Andrew Phillips as Luke Dalton
  • Courtney Rood as Erin
  • Lindsay Lamb as Laura
  • Danika Galindo as Steph
  • Yasmine Soofi as Alex
  • Savannah Matlow as Jess Perkins (as Savvy Matlow)
  • Simone Wasserman as Dee Dee Perkins
  • Lonnie Alcide Gardner as Max (as Lonnie Gardner)
  • Nick Siniseas as Joel
  • Dawna Lee Heising as Karla Perkins
  • Steve Crestas as Officer Harris
  • Julia Faye West as Anny Briteheart
  • Kelly De Vries as Kara
  • Mindy Robinson as Linda
  • Art Roberts as Principal Wheatley
  • Kristyn Archibald as Shelly
  • LeJon as Steve
  • Levi Factora as Deon
  • Abby Summers as Erica
  • Kamuela Kim as Mr. Lox
  • Geena Lovato as Chloe
  • Mystic Marlow as Janitor
  • Paul Tirado as Pizza Delivery Boy
  • Laura Amelia as Ambulance Driver
  • Bruce Kade as Paramedic


The film was originally titled Teacher’s Day.



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