QUARTZ VEIN (2021) Reviews of odd sci-fi vampire movie

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‘Sustained by blood. Immortalized by gold’

Quartz Vein is a 2021 American science fiction horror film set in 2047 about a young prospector and a mutant race of gold-injecting vampires.

Written and directed by Jared Masters (Agalmatophilia; Amethyst; Ballet of Blood; After School Massacre; Slink) with additional material by Randy Masters. Produced by James F Gregory.


In the year 2047, after the humanitarian disaster, one gold miner, Eon Pax (Jared Masters), must risk it all to save the girl. Enslaved by a wicked mutant race of gold-injecting vampires.


Meanwhile, Gargoya, leader of the underworld, clones the perfect female specimen while tampering with Eon’s mind and mental health code. Will Eon prevail and deliver the fair maiden to Utocha, The Promised Land, or will he be cast down to the underbelly of Lagoria?


” …a throwback to macho post doomsday cinema of the 1980s, but not in a post-modern way that seems to constantly wink at the audience, but instead it captures the spirit of the genre to tell an original story to tell an original (if sometimes slightly confusing) story. And decent pacing and interesting (and often slightly outrageous) characters really make this a fun genre watch.” Search My Trash


“The costumes seem to be Halloween costumes […] Acting is flat and dialogue over-preposterous. On the other hand, you can tell that Masters believed in what he was doing and that has to count for something…” Taliesin Meets the Vampires

Choice dialogue:

Eon Pax: “No, not the baby armadillos!”


Quartz Vein is available On-Demand and on DVD.

Cast and characters:

Dawna Lee Heising … Matriarch of Utocha (voice)
Jared Masters … Eon Pax / Flonz Flintston / Gargoya / Various
Jeffrey Dean Gray … Mutants (voice)
Elizabeth Rath … Stealthia / Dez / Rebello
Dawson Boese … Beba
Paige Dugan … Party Guest (archive footage)
James F Gregory … Lippy McGhee
Loriel Andre’a … Party Guest (archive footage)
Clarissa Sturges … Party Dancer (archive footage)

Filming locations:

San Gabriel Mountains, California

Technical details:

79 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35:1

Fun facts:

Jared Masters had to portray many of the characters because filming with a large cast was deemed unsafe during the pandemic.


MOVIES and MANIA says:

With its sometimes flatly delivered, self-deprecating dialogue – that even includes subtitles for the ogres (!) – and a fusion score that alternates between hyperactive and super-cheesy, Quartz Vein is clearly a camp post-apocalyptic piss-take. Yet, unlike many micro-budget bores that move at a snail’s pace, Quartz Vein is swiftly edited, has silly situations a-plenty and, for the most part, is knowingly trashy fun.

MOVIES and MANIA rating:

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