Slimed – USA, 2010 – overview

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Slimed is a 2010 American comedy science fiction horror feature film written and directed by Eric Manche and Jeff Nitzberg. It stars Jordan Lee, Dustin Triplett and Jessica Borusky.

An ill-tempered park ranger and a peppy bible salesman hatch a harebrained scheme to save a nature preserve from government shutdown.

Deep in the wilderness, they discover that the park has a much bigger problem: a mysterious and sinister toxic slime that is oozing its way towards destroying not just the woods but the entire free world. Together they must come together to battle incomprehensible evil, uncover endless stupidity and avoid exploding children at all cost…

Slimed can be viewed on Troma Now, Troma Entertainment’s exclusive content streaming service. The filmmakers explain how the project came to be finally released online:

“Nearly 10 years ago we wrapped up Slimed, a 100% independent piece of ridiculous, schlock cinema that we began as students at Rhode Island School of Design and finished three years after graduating.

We packed it with everything we wanted to see in a movie: absurdity, action, comedy, apocalyptic stakes and evil hand puppets. After four years of all-nighters and ferocious debates, Slimed was complete.

We were always inspired by Matt Parker’s and Trey Stone’s Cannibal! The Musical. From its humble student-project beginning to Troma classic status, Cannibal! The Musical taught us that, despite having no budget, connections, or big names, it was possible to bring an epic, anarchic vision to life.

Slimed garnered a small cult following around the globe. This modest but loyal fan base kept the movie circulating, with a consistent outpouring of internet love. Despite not finding a larger audience, Slimed found its place among those random people that stumbled upon it.

This year, Troma Entertainment found Slimed through the typical gateway path – a late-night movie marathon in someone’s living room. When we got the call that Troma was interested in releasing Slimed, it was like the circle had completed itself. We couldn’t feel more at home and more excited to share Slimed with the Troma family.”

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